Has your landlord posted a notice that they will be treating your complex for an infestation of bed bugs and it is freaking you out?

All sorts of questions are going through your mind. Where did they come from? I thought only dirty homes had bed bugs, how did they get in my things? What do they look like? What about all my stuff?

Take heart that there are things that can be done to deal with this unpleasant situation.

Stay Calm

The first thing to do is to calm down. In addition to exterminators, some companies can take you step-by-step through what you need to do before the exterminator arrives. If your fear factor level is off the wall, they can be hired to identify if the bed bugs have spread to your living area, locate areas they might be hiding and prep your possessions.

If you want to put on your warrior’s face and decide to deal with the prep yourself, consult with a professional to identify bedbugs as they can be mistaken for other bugs. Bed bug larvae are small and white like a micro-grain of rice. As they mature, they are about the size of a poppy seed and yellow-white in colour. When they are fully mature, they are flat, red-brown ovals about the size of an apple seed. Find what you think is a bed bug, zip bag it and take it to the professionals to identify.

How To Identify Bed Bugs

Depending on the infestation, you might have to dig out your magnifying glass to hunt them down, but there are also some other giveaways that they are present. They like to hide away in cracks and crevices. On mattresses and furniture, pull back any of the sewn rolls. You might see them there. If you wake up with itchy bites, or see tiny blood spots on the sheets, investigate for bed bugs. They like the dark but are not averse to traveling in the light for food sources.

Check behind baseboards and outlets. They leave miniature, spotty tar-like marks around baseboards and outlets. This is because they are rude house guests and defecate where they eat, leaving their shed skins behind. If you store things like magazines or articles in cardboard boxes, they may be in the crevices there as well. Bedbugs are reported to have a musty sweet smell. If your nose smells something off… it may be bed bugs.

Bed Bugs Could Attach Themselves From Anywhere

As you hunt, don’t blame your neighbours for ruining your life because bedbugs are sneaky travelers. They hitch rides on clothing and in suitcases. In fact, they can travel on their own about three to four feet a minute. They can be found in movie theatre seating, on airplanes, university dorms, and even high-end hotels. So, it is often difficult to pinpoint where they came from.

A Few Steps To Prepare For The Pest Control Company

Your prep before extermination will include things washing and drying items in high heat and bagging them for treatment. A complete vacuum of floors, walls, and furniture is needed, bagging the vacuum bag and immediately taking it to the trash. De-clutter areas, inspect articles, and give them a thorough washing, then bag for the exterminator. Remove things from under beds and in cardboard boxes and move furniture away from the walls. Don’t take your stuff to someone else’s home for storage before treatment. If the to-do list sounds overwhelming, just remember that there are companies who can help.

For a complete list check with a professional or go to their website. After the process is done, there are many products like anti-bed bug mattress bags, furniture leg pads and sealing outlets and baseboards that can be used to help prevent a new outbreak. With vigilance, the bed bug predator can be destroyed.

If you don’t feel confident dealing with it, give us a call! Your health and safety is our priority. Leave us a comment/questions, we would love to connect with you!