Commercial Restaurant Cleaning

At Bernard’s Pro Clean & Prep, we offer a range of services to keep your commercial space or home clean and pest free. Because of the amount of food found, and spilled, in a commercial restaurant, the kitchen needs to stay sanitized and cleaned to prevent pest issues.

Lighten the load from your staff and leave the restaurant cleaning to us. A properly cleaned restaurant and the kitchen is crucial for public health and safety. We know sometimes it is easy to fall behind. Our restaurant cleaning service options include everything from light weekly cleaning to deep cleaning and grease removal. Reach out to learn about our range of options to help with your cleaning needs.

Light Restaurant Cleaning Services

This is usually a daily service.

Dusting every surface, including partitions, mirrors & picture frames
Sweeping & Mopping all floors
Vacuuming any carpeted areas
Bathrooms, emptying waste bins, clean & sanitize all surfaces, polish mirrors, disinfect toilets & urinals
Any additional requests

Restaurant Deep Cleaning Services

This service is recommended at least four times a year.

Pressure washing the kitchen
Deep Carpet & rug cleaning
Mopping all hard floor surface areas 
Degreasing the fry pits, prep station, stoves & any area where grease builds up 
And more!

Hospitality Cleaning Services for Hotels & Event Venues

Clean and welcoming venues or rooms are essential to the success of any hospitality-based business. Clients feel more comfortable and more satisfied with your services and property when it’s well kept. They are also more likely to recommend your business! So it is of utmost importance to have professional, reliable cleaners to maintain it to your high standards.

Bernard’s Pro Clean & Prep provides flexible cleaning services, whether you own or manage an Inn, B&B, hotel, conference centre, or event venue. We offer regular cleaning services, as well as supplemental cleaning for those busy peak seasons. Our cleaning company provides reliable and affordable cleaning services for your recreational facility, fitness centre, or gym. 

At Bernard’s Pro Clean & Prep, we are committed to providing the quality janitorial services needed to present a pristine, welcoming, and safe facility to your customers.

Stop the spread of bacteria and viruses by hiring us for your cleaning services. We ensure everything is cleaned and sanitized to a level your mom would be proud of. Especially in high volume areas like reception areas, locker rooms, workout areas, showers, and more. Our professional cleaners at Bernard’s Pro Clean & Prep are conscientious and always willing to make whatever adjustments are deemed necessary along the way.

Flexible Hours, Scheduling-Biweekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Or Annually.

Let Us Do Your Dirty Work!

Other Services



We can make sure your home is fully ready for bed bug treatment.  Your pest control company will likely give you a list of steps to complete before they can come do their work.  Its easy to get overwhelmed, and that is where we can come in to help deal with the to-do list. LEARN MORE

Commercial cleaning

A basic or “regular” commercial cleaning service includes dusting, vacuuming, mopping and trash removal. In addition to standard dusting and wiping, Bernard’s Pro Clean & Prep’s services include dusting high touch points, desktop telephones, and microwaves. LEARN MORE

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