Bed bugs are not a topic that people are excited to talk about. If you’ve dealt with them once you know how overwhelming the process can be. No one wants to deal with bedbugs twice. But it’s a fact that the less cluttered your home is, the easier it is to deal with bed bugs. And the cleaner your home is, the faster you’ll realize it if you do have bed bugs. If you catch them early, its way less hassle!

If you do get bed bugs, you will call your pest control company,Commercial Cleaning in Calgary deal with the prep to do list, and then the pest control company will come in to do the treatment…but it doesn’t end there! Your home will have to be put back in order; your furniture moved back to its original space, residue and dead bugs cleaned up, and personal items will need to be put back in place. It’s a big job and you want to make sure the cleaning is done effectively and that you stay vigilant so that you never have to deal with the hassle again. Here are some tips:

  1. First, deal with all the basic cleaning. Vacuum and mop the floor, wipe all horizontal surfaces with a clean cloth, cleaner and water.
  2. Make sure all your clothes and linens are effectively laundered before unpacking and putting back in place. (For more info click on the link )
  3. Talk to the pest control expert that treated your home/business for specific instructions on what to keep clean and what to look for.
  4. Most importantly, take advantage of your Netflix binging and channel Tidying Up with Marie Kondo 😉 A decluttered and organized home will make the process so much simpler.
  5. Stay diligent. Keep tidy, pay attention to hotels and after trips, and be careful what you buy second hand.

If you’re too busy, too stressed or just plain grossed out by bed bugs and want a post bed bug treatment cleaning done, don’t hesitate to contact us 587-215-3538 or via email at

Your comfort is our priority, we take our job seriously and we clean your home/business like we would our own, perhaps even better. We make it our goal to keep clients like you Bed Bug-Free!