Mouse Infestation

Finding mouse droppings in your home can cause you to panic, trying to figure out where they got in, and if you have an infestation. After setting traps, or calling in a pest company for mouse control, you still have to deal with the mess left behind.

Mice and rodents can be carriers of several, potentially life-threatening diseases. Those diseases, which can linger in the urine and droppings, include hantavirus, leptospirosis, lymphocytic choriomeningitis. 

What To Do If You Notice Mouse Droppings 

The house mouse and deer mouse are both common rodents in Calgary. Both species can be destructive but the deer mouse in particular can carry the hantavirus. 

The first step is to set traps or call a pest control company. Resist the urge to start scrubbing everything clean until the problem is dealt with. Once it has been, you have two options. You can clean and disinfect your home yourself, or you can hire a cleaning company to remove mouse droppings. 

Disinfecting Your Home 

Just search how to clean up mouse droppings online, and you’ll see how important it is to do it properly. Rubbers gloves, bleach, and proper disinfection measures are essential in protecting your family’s health.

At Bernard’s Pro Clean & Prep, we’ll come in and take care of the dirty work for you. We specialize in cleaning your home or commercial property after a pest infestation. 

If you need clean up after a mouse infestation or even clean up to prepare for your pest control company, reach out today. 

What Bernard’s Pro Clean & Prep Does For You

Disinfect floors

Disinfect countertops, cupboards
& any areas droppings were found

Spray & disinfect walls & baseboards 

Laundry, if requested

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