If you are a bar or restaurant owner/manager, you know that there are only so many hours in a day to get things done. Often there is more on the to-do list than you can fit in. Inventory, ordering, accounting, food prep, cooking, serving are all part of the package and cleaning all, but essential areas sometimes slip to the end of the list.
People are getting more cautious about health concerns, given the spread of viral and bacterial infections. Not only that but having an unclean establishment can be detrimental to your business.

Here’s why keeping your eating establishment clean pays off big time.

Food Industry Rules

There are federal, provincial, and municipal rules for operating restaurants and eateries. These guidelines and regulations are put in place to protect the public and ensure food is handled correctly and prepared. If restaurants or bars don’t get proper cleaning, then bacteria, viruses, and mold can find a place to grow. Even worse, by not keeping your business clean, you could face having a pest control problem. 

The Health Canada website lists some restaurant guidelines required federally. The Alberta government lists all eating and drinking establishment inspection reports online and identifies the number of infractions each facility has had. The public can use this when they are picking out restaurants, so it is best to keep off the violation list.

Clean restaurant - food safety

In Calgary, there are health rules to ensure proper food management techniques and standards for keeping your eating establishment clean. Heath inspectors assess the establishment before it opens for business, make impromptu visits throughout the year, return for follow-up visits on questionable inspections, and after a complaint is registered. Failure to comply with the rules and inspectors can shut the business down.

Customer Assessments

Online articles give foodie tips to look for when they choose an eating place. 

Here are some of the tips customers consider picking a restaurant:

  • Spoons with wrapped candy selections at till to limit germ transfer
  • Does the restaurant smell clean? Is there garbage or stale cooking odours?
  • Are the servers clean and tidy? Do they wash their hands with soap frequently?
  • Do the servers take care of handling eating utensils and food orders?
  • Are the utensils and dishes clean?
  • Are the bathrooms clean, and do they supply proper hand-washing/drying materials?
  • Does the kitchen look clean and organized? Are food items left out in the open?
clean restaurant
clean cute restaurant/cafe

Customer Bar Inspection:

  • Do they properly rinse or replace the cleaning cloths after use?
  • Is there food or drink ingredients out that should be refrigerated or covered?
  • Are the floors clean?
  • Are the glasses clean?
  • Do servers keep their hands off the rims and bottle openings when handling drinks?
  • Do the bartender and server wash their hands frequently, especially after handling cash or and before adding garnishes?

Outsource Cleaning

Right now, you are thinking, how am I to keep up with all this! Don’t despair! Contracting cleaning services, like Bernard’s Pro Clean & Prep, to do all the cleaning jobs, will make things 10 times easier. By having the team at Bernard’s on your side, we will free up your employees’ time, help you continue to draw in customers and keep the inspector’s reports free of violations. 

woman cleaning up

Cleaning services often offer package deals. For example, if you hire Bernard’s Pro Clean & Prep for your restaurant cleaning services, we offer daily cleaning service solutions. This includes things like: 

  • Surface dusting
  • Sweeping and mopping floors
  • Vacuuming carpets, cleaning & disinfecting bathrooms
  • Emptying garbage’s
  • Cleaning & sanitizing surfaces
  • Polishing mirrors. 

If you have special requirements, you can discuss this and add it to the cleaning contract.

Additionally, our Calgary restaurant cleaning services also include a deep clean option. This is done more on a monthly or quarterly basis to keep your commercial kitchen sparkling. We recommend that, at a minimum, a deep clean is done every quarter. 

Our restaurant deep cleaning service includes:

  • Pressure washing the kitchen
  • Deep carpet cleaning
  • Mopping hard surfaces
  • Degreasing fry pits
  • Cleaning prep stations
  • Stoves
  • Storage areas. 

We know that your restaurant can’t thrive if we’re in there, disrupting guests trying to enjoy the food and drinks. That’s why our cleaning services can be completed after hours. 

If you have more questions about outsourcing your cleaning needs, give us a call. Bernard’s Pro Clean & Prep is a top-rated Calgary commercial cleaning company. Contact us to learn more about the additional services we offer, including pre- and post pest control preparation services.