“A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you’ve been taking” Author Earl Wilson

When you’re at the end of a vacation, home sweet home is what you’re looking forward to. As wonderful as it is to get away, it always feels amazing to be back in your own space and in your own bed, and you certainly don’t want that feeling marred with the realization that you have bed bugs! Memories are the best souvenirs, so don’t let bed bugs ruin your perfect vacation souvenir. Bed bugs are easily to catch and hard to cure; so be careful, they could be coming home with you. Bed bugs are not prejudiced, they can be found in five-star hotels or low-rate motels, in resorts and cottages, etc.

After a long journey resting is the one thing you want to do in your hotel room. Calgary Commercial Cleaning Services However, if you’re not aware you might end up sleeping with some unwanted bloodsuckers. Worse, you might bring them home with you. Here are some ways to avoid bringing bed bugs home from vacation:

  1. As tired or excited as you might feel, do not unpack or put bags on the floor or on the bed of your hotel room. Put your luggage, purses, computers, and computer bag in the bathtub or luggage rack. Keep your belonging as far away from the bed as possible before you inspect the bed. Do your due diligence and don’t let those bloodsuckers come home with you.
  2. Make sure to inspect the room before unpacking or lying down. Inspect the bed by pulling back the bedding, including the mattress cover. Carefully check the seams, folds, and crevices of the mattress and box spring. Make sure that there is no blackish-red excrement, no little black dots. If so, contact the front desk to let them know and request another room. Unfortunately, you will need to repeat the same procedure in the next room. Another room does not mean a bedbug-free zone.
  3. Check all pillowcases especially the seams.
  4. Look behind and under the headboard. Some headboards may be attached to a hanger on the wall, lift and remove it.
  5. Check the sofa for bed bugs.
  6. Bag all clothes if you decide to use the drawers.
  7. Look carefully before repacking. Before you leave the hotel room it is important that you make sure to double check your bags and clothes for signs of bed bugs.
  8. For the duration of your stay, keep your luggage zipped up when not in use.

If you notice any sign of bed bugs DO NOT bring your bags inside your house. Seal them in plastic bags and leave in the garage. For more information follow our laundry instructions at https://bernardsprocleanandprep.ca/bedbug-treatment-prep-checklist/