Step by step tips to house cleaning after pest removal


If you have been out of your home while it is treated for pest control, you probably want to get back to your normal routine as soon as possible. Sometimes it takes a longer treatment time than expected. 

Have Patience

Be patient with technicians as you want them to eliminate the pests effectively. Some pesticides can are applied quicker than others and dry in a short amount of time, whereas others can take more time. The timing depends on what pest your home is being treated for. Consult with your pest control technician about the type of pesticides used and when you can go back to your home to clean. 

You do not want to re-enter the home until the control technician gives you the go-ahead. It’s important not to bring children or pets back until you have given it a deep clean. The technician will point out areas to leave, like along baseboards, to ensure that ongoing pest deterrence takes place. You will find dead pests and maybe a few live ones, too, for a couple of weeks after treatment. They should be vacuumed or swept up and disposed of in the garbage. You can check with the technician if you need another treatment.


Once you get the green light from your pest control professional, gather your cleaning supplies, and begin operation house clean. 

Preparing To Clean

First, get your cleaning supplies out. You will need rubber gloves, dish soap or a cleaning liquid, a bucket of water, cleaning rags or sponges, vacuum, steam cleaner, mop, laundry baskets, and trash bags.

A thin film of pesticides remains on surfaces, and those can be absorbed into your skin when cleaning, so use rubber gloves. Fill the bucket with warm water and put in a small amount of dish soap or cleaning fluid. Refill the bucket when the water gets too murky. If you are washing with dirty water, you may just be putting chemicals back on the surfaces you clean.

Getting Started 

Many professional cleaners tackle one room at a time and then move to the next. So pick a starting point and deal with surfaces in each room. We often think of surfaces as anything horizontal, but also look for vertical things in the room, like windows, doors, and walls. 


Sweep or vacuum floors, making sure you get under furniture and along walls. Mop the floors with your detergent solution. You may have been advised not to clean too close to the wall to provide a pest barrier. Carpeted surfaces will likely need to be vacuumed and steam cleaned.


If you didn’t cover your furniture, or also had the furniture treated, you should vacuum and steam clean upholstered furniture. If there are loose clothes in the furniture or closets, you will need to wash them. Mattresses can be vacuumed and steam cleaned. Be sure to get into the crevices. Most vacuums have a crevice tool you can put on your vacuum hose for that purpose.

Windows & Walls 

Take a rag and clean window panes and frames. A quick tip for wall washing is spraying the cleaner on the wall and running a small squeegee down the wall to lift the chemical. Put an old towel down at the bottom of the wall to catch the drips. Throw that towel away or wash it with the other items from the post/pest treatment cleaning day. 

Closets & Cupboards 

If you have loose items in the closets, like grooming supplies, they should be wiped clean. Uncovered towels, blankets, and sheets will need washing. 


Particular care needs to be taken here as you prepare food in this area. Any unsealed articles, like cereal boxes or baking supplies, need to be thrown away as the chemical permeates the wrappers. Any food in open packages must go out, too. Scrub countertops, utensils and pots, and pans. Rewash dishes. 

Empty all garbage’s into a large garbage bag and take it out of the house for disposal. When you have finished cleaning, foodstuffs can go back into the cupboards. You may want to consider sealed glass containers to deter future pests. 

Fixtures & Appliance

Don’t forget the appliances, lighting fixtures, plumbing taps, and vents. If you have a leaky faucet or pipe, get it fixed as some pests will go to the water to survive.

Giving your home a weekly clean will help eliminate pests in the future.

Wow! Your house is now sparkling clean, and you can replace items if necessary. 

If all of this seems like too much to handle, give Bernard’s Pro Clean & Prep a call. Our cleaning company specializes in pre/post pest treatment cleaning. We will be sure to clean all the areas in your home where chemicals have settled. Let us help you make your home safe for your family and pets to return.