Bed Bug Treatment Preparation Checklist

  • Remove all electrical wall plates, phone jack plates and light switch covers.
  • Empty all dressers, wardrobes, and closets in the bedroom. Also bag all clothing, bedding, curtains, pillows. Take them to the laundry room ONLY when they can be placed DIRECTLY into the washing machine using hot water or into the dryer. Refer to Laundry Directions section below.
  • Remove all items under the bed. All clothing or garments loose around the room must be bagged and laundered. Any objects that were previously stored under the bed or in the closets should remain in the room. Bed bugs can quickly relocate into other areas if they are moved.
  • Pry baseboards away from the walls where possible (unless instructed by the technician not to do so).
  • In hotel room only remove the front panel from heating/air conditioning units if in close proximity to bed.
  • Remove paintings and mirrors from walls.
  • All items around the walls in the home need to be moved away from the walls 1 inch for treatment.
  • All electronic equipment should remain in the areas for treatment.
  • Take clothing and other belongings out of all drawers, nightstands, tables, closets, wardrobes and similar storage areas. Launder as per directions below.
  • Any loose clothing (garments found outside of a dresser, under the bed or closet) must be bagged and laundered.
  • Remove all bedding and pillows. Place in bags and take to the laundry room where they can be placed directly into the washing machine using hot water and/or placed into a dryer as indicated in the step above.
  • Vacuum the floor extensively. Remove the vacuum bag immediately and discard in an exterior garbage receptacle.
  • Articles under the beds provide an ideal place for bed bugs to hide. All clothing or garments must be bagged and laundered. Larger items that were previously stored under the bed should not be moved so bed bugs are not relocated into other areas.
  • You and your pets must vacate the premises during the service. You likely will not be able to re-enter for up to 6 hours after treatment (as determined by technician). Fish Aquariums may be left on-site, however, they must be covered and air pumps must be disconnected.


Laundry Directions

It is necessary that all garments be laundered in hot water (>60°C or >140°F) or placed into a dryer on the highest setting for a minimum of 30 minutes (>40°C or >104°F). The dryer must be capable of reaching a temperature of >40°C to kill all stages and not be loaded to more than 50% capacity. All laundered items must remain out of the bed bug treatment area during service. Clothing and fabrics associated with beds/sofas cannot be treated with pesticides due to the prolonged contact with skin. It is for this reason that laundering everything properly is crucial and necessary to ensure the treatment program does not fail. If not done correctly, you take the risk of re-introducing bed bugs from infested clothing.




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