You might have heard it said, or asked yourself, “Aren’t bed bugs usually associated with dirty and low-income homes?” No and no. Bed bugs do not discriminate, they can be found everywhere and anywhere, from low-income housing to five-star hotels. And this is why you should do your due diligence when traveling. For more information on how to avoid bringing bed bugs home when traveling visit:

Bedbugs are opportunists, they will infest any area they are carried. So, take precautions regardless of your socio-economic status. A dirty house is not the cause of bed bugs, as many people might think. However, a dirty and cluttered house makes treatment more difficult. It’ll also take you that much longer to notice you have a bed bug infestation if your home is very cluttered and disorganized.

Good treatment preparation is so important to effective treatment. Pest control companies know how important bed bug treatment preparation is. This is why they give you a list of chores to do before they can proceed with the treatment. A well-prepped house allows space for the technicians to get into the bottom of the infestation. For more information on how to prep your house visit:
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